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The Eight Cultural Conflicts
Which Prevent Success

Operational excellence is the exponential component of a brand. When employees have a great working experience, they deliver a great brand experience.
Marketing ROI: 5 key Links for 5 key Stakeholders
If you have a stake in the success of your marketing team, you have a direct interest in launching a Marketing ROI initiative.

Grow Market Share with a Strategic Game Plan

Strategy, core process, structure, systems and culture are the five essential components for growing your market share.

Time Measures Your Brand

Understand how strategic initiatives and an ROI program are aligned. Learn to map-out a two year program with quarterly measureable improvements.
Marketing Return on Investment
Business Performance USA

People Make Your Brand

A Brand is defined by the experience a customer receives with every touch-point of a company. This means every any company can have a great brand.

Distilling Your Brand

Brand ROI is possible if your brand is integrated at the C-suite level. Learn how a quality brand drives value pricing models and customer lifetime value.

High-Tech Marketing with a Human Touch

Authentic Business Relationships

Twitter for Business

Like Facebook

Draw Your Market with Pinterest

Cultural conflict falls into two categories, failed business process and poor cultural awareness. Turn conflict into a high-performing workplace.
Today, earning a customer relationship requires a high-touch, tech-touch and personal-touch. Learn to fuse these three disiplines into an effective strategy.
Marketing in the digital age is highly complicated and diverse. Technology has leveled the playing field and given the consumer more power than ever.
Skeptical about Twitter? Learn the steps for creating a Twitter presence which can be a powerful component in your marketing and social media strategy.
Facebook – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. Best practices for leveraging the useful aspects of Facebook while avoiding the pitfalls.
Learn how Pinterest offers the unique opportunity to target a market that is difficult to reach via other social media channels.

When employees respect each other, they begin to trust each other. Trust builds the bridge for learning new ways of thinking and doing.

A learning environment allows employees to share new ideas for improving the little things that interfere with the big mission of an organization.

The Ligature Group is committed to teaching and learning so that people can have more meaningful careers and the organizations they work for can benefit our communities.

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