Ligature Group publishes under our not-for-profit organization,


Regarding: Strategic Planning and Messaging

Victor Dominguez/Ligature Group has helped us to focus our marketing message and begin to deliver it in ways that goes beyond delivering a capability statement (“we unlock the power of screening”) and begins to identify how we “protect companies and people”.

Victor Dominquez has helped our leaders to understand the power of implementing meaningful marketing that results in qualified lead generation and is converted into increased revenue for our organization.

Nancy Lynn Roberts, Esq.
Owner, Trak-1

Regarding: Business Performance USA Advisory Services

BPUSA has served as a resource of highly qualified, highly experienced and highly ethical professionals who show me how we can take our businesses from where they are to where we want them to be.

Nancy Lynn and Dan Roberts
The Roberts Companies

Regarding: Start-up Operations

In Q4 2013, Cherrywood Commercial started two commercial lending divisions for the small-balance commercial lending market. My top focus is production; that’s why Victor was invaluable in taking our organizations from cold start to high-performing marketing and lead generation in just six months.

I never had to worry about marketing and branding because Victor was always once step ahead of what we needed to grow two new companies.

Thank you Victor

Paul Cleary
Executive Vice President, National Production
Cherrywood Commercial | CRE Loans Direct

Regarding: Executive Strategy Work Groups

Hi Victor,

That was a great meeting today. I'm glad you opened up the format a bit and encouraged us to deviate from the strategic pitch, and ask some broader questions. I personally enjoyed this particular meeting more than others I have been to.

And thanks for the feedback on my pitch, both today and of course from our meeting last month. I appreciate it. I was glad to see it resonate much more today. The input today was helpful.


Bill Gage
Assistant Vice President,
Operational Portfolio Resolution & Management
Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS)

Regarding: Brand Development

Ligature Group was the company I was looking for two years ago as we started our SaaS Company, ConductorLive.

I’ve always thought we have a superior product for the marketplace but until I met Victor, I could never get an agency to grasp the uniqueness of our product and our opportunities in the market. After just one hour with Victor, he summarized the essence of our brand and market strategies and we immediately put them into action.

It’s a joy to work with the Ligature Group.

Pam Fischbach

Regarding: Executive Strategy Work Groups


I think today's session was wonderful. It was just what I needed to sharpen my strategic vision.

Thank you, Victor!

Cary Dickson, CPA
Vice President Finance
Mattel, and
Chief Financial Officer (concurrent with primary roles above and below)
Mattel Foundation

Regarding: Business Performance USA Work Group

Thanks so much, Victor. You have provided me very valuable information and a source for more very important information.

As you know, guidance is needed by me on a very important question. Is it feasible or possible the NFP can be structured such that I can somehow remain in control of that NFP, and, a Board capable of being a key reason the $5MM is raised still be formed/secured?

Yours and Kent’s Counsel in this regards has been very helpful.

Mike Nicholas, President
Promises Kept Holdings, Inc.

Regarding: Executive Coaching

Hi Victor!

I sincerely enjoyed yesterday's meeting and appreciated you facilitating the event. Your inspiration and insight is a great addition in supporting the attendees. Times of transition can be painful but I'm personally finding pleasure and gratitude in meeting the awe-inspiring, dynamic people; such as yourself, who are willing to help and support others.

Thank you for connecting with me and will probably see you again as I do find value in work group sessions

Have a great weekend!

Donna Vogt
Medical Device - Healthcare Business Development | Customer Service Leader

Regarding: Executive Strategy Work Groups

Hello Victor,

I thoroughly enjoyed your interactive discussion on diffusing conflicts with kindness.

As usual, your crisp and powerful message of starting with respect, building trust, so that advising and influencing will follow was invaluable. Your delivery style was effective and genuine. Keep up the great work and please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Best regards,

Shanthi Ramakrishnan
VP, Product Development and Commercialization

Regarding: Business Performance USA Work Group

Thank you for your insight and direction. I agree with Kent, the topic could be discussed an entire day! I appreciate the handouts, too. We have a process in place very much like what Kent recommends. While we do an orientation lunch with new trustees, I like your idea of a pre-orientation time with candidates, too.

Overall, my time was well spent.

Cathy White
Executive Director
Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas

Regarding: Executive Strategy Work Groups

Hi Victor,

It was my distinct pleasure and privilege to meet with you more and pick your brains today. Thank you so much for taking the time and offering wise counsel on my search.

I walked away from our lunch convinced that you can make companies elevate their performance because I heard your genuine and authentic conviction to help individuals and corporations. You seem to have fun doing this as well.

Secondly, thank you for bringing clarity on how to position my strategy. It was particularly helpful to self-reflect and make deliberate changes that are warranted. It takes a lot of courage to ask profound questions and you were fearless for sure.

Today was an exceptional day, thanks to you. Your sage advice was a reminder that I needed today.

My meeting with Edwards Life Sciences went really well. I am very excited about the follow-up I’ve created and I’ll keep you posted on how things develop.

Again, I sincerely appreciate your timely help and counsel.

See you soon.

Shanthi Ramakrishnan
VP, Product Development and Commercialization

Regarding: Executive Coaching

Hello Victor,

Thanks for meeting yesterday. You were very generous with your time. I appreciate the feedback and commit to conditioning myself with your concept of the Paradigm of Threes.


Chris Burns
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Secretary
Traffic Solutions Corporation

Regarding: Executive Strategy Work Groups

Hi Victor,

It was such a pleasure to meet with you last Friday. Great brainstorming session. Thank you Victor for making this happen. I appreciate you for taking the time to listen to my story and providing valuable advice and market intelligence for my search.

Again, I really appreciate your offer to help with my branding efforts and thanks for being my trusted counsel.


Soheil Raissi
FastPoint Technologies

Regarding: Business Performance USA

Hi Victor,

Just letting you know that I attended your webinar this morning and it was very informative and well done. Great Job!

Soheil Raissi
FastPoint Technologies

Regarding: Executive Coaching

Great meeting and very useful format. Just the right number of people and good mix of functional areas as well.

Thanks Victor for moderating our strategy session and for your helpful insight.

Best regards,

Mark Belzowski
Chief Financial Officer & Senior Vice President

Regarding: Executive Strategy Work Groups

Hi Victor, great session. Your advice and insights are very helpful.


Robin Isaacsohn
Retail Business Consultant
Project Management, Merchandise Planning, Inventory Optimization
JustEnough Software Corporation

Regarding: Business Performance USA Work Group

Hello Victor,

Just wanted to thank you and Kent for yet another great webinar. I always enjoy the time and learn a lot.

Blessings to you and yours,

Bob Ashinhurst
Chief Operations Officer
Christ for Humanity

Regarding: McDermott & Bull Executive Network

Victor, you’re amazing! You embody what the Executive Network is all about – service, guidance, perspective, knowledge, inspiration, evolution, growth. Thank you for being you!

Once again, your OC Executive Networking Group is busting at the seams! This is truly a testament to your connection with our members, your skill at facilitating meaningful conversations, and your gentle wisdom.

Great job today and looking forward to seeing you again soon!

All my best,

Matt Spooner
McDermott & Bull Executive Network